Blurred People
Is this how some of
your church see you?

Any church which wants to be more:

Aware of sight loss and the issues

Accessible for people with sight loss

Able to reach out to people with sight loss

Right now by reading this you are helping your church to become more friendly to those with sight loss.  Torch Trust wants to be able to share expertise, advice and guidance with as many churches as possible to increase the number of church communities which fully understand sight loss.  

Why is a Sight Loss Friendly Church so important?

To raise awareness

Some churches don’t recognise that sight loss is part of the lives of their congregation.

250 people across the UK start to lose their sight every day

Sight loss can be ‘invisible’.  Some people with sight loss may continue to behave as though they can read their hymn books and recognise faces. 

“I don’t want to make a fuss about my sight loss so I haven’t told anyone.”

Let’s keep talking about sight loss so that we are encouraging others to speak up about how they feel in church.

To develop understanding

“We just want to know how to help.”  “Everyone at my church is so kind, but I still feel left out.”

Simple changes can make a big difference to someone with sight loss.  Torch Trust would like to help church communities to develop their understanding of how sight loss affects church life and celebrate the growing network of Sight Loss Friendly Churches.

Torch has expertise and resources to advise and assist churches, as well as products and services for individuals with sight loss.

What shall I do? 

Initially register your interest by filling out our contact form.  We will then send you a welcome email, our latest copy of Torch News and information and advice on how to become more Sight Loss Friendly.

We are encouraging churches to make a commitment to becoming more Sight Loss Friendly by filling out our online declaration.

We agree to become a sight loss friendly church and commit ourselves to making our church more accessible for people with sight loss.

We commit ourselves to be aware of sight loss within our church and to reflect carefully on our services, programmes and resources in order to be more fully welcoming and inclusive of people with sight loss.

If your church leadership wants to commit to becoming more Sight Loss Friendly then we can feature your church on our website map as part of our Sight Loss Friendly Church Network - connecting churches that spontaneously welcome people with sight loss to join in and find community and belonging.  

Torch will then contact the named person to offer our services and discuss how best to support your church.  For example, your church might like to invite Torch to come and work with your church directly face-to-face or we can share information and guidance electronically or on the phone.  Some churches have requested specialist training and consultation, others have requested equipment or materials such as audio bibles.  Other churches have nominated individuals to have a particular focus on welcoming those with sight loss (we call these Sight Loss Champions) and Torch offers particular training and expertise to these champions.  

Torch is happy to advise and assist any church (or any individual in a church) to raise awareness and understanding of sight loss.  No commitment to becoming more sight loss friendly is too small.  Together we can ensure that everyone can enjoy church life.  

Click here to register your interest. Or call us on 01858 438260