Blurred People
Is this how some of
your church see you?

Welcome to Sight Loss Friendly Church!

What is a Sight Loss Friendly Church?

A Sight Loss Friendly Church is any church which wants to be more:

  • Aware of sight loss and the issues
  • Accessible for people with sight loss
  • Able to reach out to people with sight loss

Right now by reading this you are helping your church to become more friendly to people with sight loss. 

Why is this important?

We believe that no one should face sight loss alone. All too often people with sight loss can feel left out at church – this is not intentional, but is due to a lack of awareness of the challenges faced by people with sight loss.

Churches may not realise that anyone in their congregation or local community has sight loss. Feeling left out or being unable to access everything necessary to attend or participate often means people stop attending church altogether. They then miss out not just on regular services but on the sense of community, extra activities, and a feeling of human connection. Churches too miss out on the gifts of these people.

What shall I do?

Please have a look around our Sight Loss Friendly Church website: it contains lots of helpful resources, tips and ideas to start making your church sight loss friendly – and the best part is, they’re all free to use!

If you would like further information, guidance or to access Torch’s catalogue of accessible resources then please do contact us on 01858 438260 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Torch can offer personalised support for your church and those with sight loss in your church via telephone consultation or even training events.