Being Sight Loss Friendly is a state of mind.

When planning church events, get togethers, services or communications think to yourself, “What can we do to include blind or partially sighted people?”

Attitude is the most important thing about being Sight Loss Friendly.  It is very difficult to meet everyone’s needs at the same time and the same is true with sight loss.  Everyone is individual and for those who have lost their sight over time, sight loss can change.  So to be really Sight Loss Friendly then ask the individual what is right for them.

Practical ideas which can make a real difference:

When using any images or videos remember to audio describe them to your audience.  If this is difficult have a willing volunteer who can sit beside someone with sight loss and explain what is on a screen.

If you are using a screen or projector make the text as large as possible, in a clear font and on a plain contrasting background.  Yellow or white print on a dark blue or black background is often best.  Alternatively print off paper copies of slides or other text in large print.  Remember to ask the individual which size is best for them.

Purchase a large print or braille bible from Torch.  We can also offer lots of accessible Christian literature which might be used in home groups or courses.

Pastoral and social inclusion:

Consider people with sight loss when making changes to room layout.  Let them know in advance where things have moved to using language like, to your left (rather than over there and pointing).

Offer guidance when moving around “Would you like any help to get to...?”

Tell people who you are when you speak to them, your voice may not be instantly recognisable, especially in noisy situations.

Remember to include people with sight loss in your community times.  Offer to collect them a drink during coffee time, tell them where you have put the drink and most importantly chat to them.  People with sight loss often like to be told who else is there as they might not be able to see them come into the room. 

Give space for guide dogs, you might want to remove a chair and if it is a hot day having water available is particularly kind and considerate.

These are all general suggestions which amount to the same thing. 

For more specific information, guidance on different types of sight loss and more advice on how to be Sight Loss Friendly call 01858 438260 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Torch can offer personalised support for your church and those with sight loss in your church via telephone consultation or even training events.