Blurred People
Is this how some of
your church see you?

Torch can offer a range of different ways to support you and your church so that everyone can enjoy church life

Expert advice and guidance

Through contacting Torch we will be able to refer you to one of our trained staff or volunteers who will contact you directly.  We can talk to you about your church and what might be right for you.  We can offer advice and guidance over the telephone as well as through face-to-face contact. Torch would be delighted to serve you by freely offering advice and guidance, please do complete the contact form or ring us directly on 01858 438260. 

Sight Loss Friendly Church workshop 

A two hour practical session looking at how your church can be more welcoming and inclusive for people with sight loss.

Suitable for anyone within the church – please invite everyone!  

A typical workshop will cover:

  • An introduction to sight loss, including the use of simulation spectacles to demonstrate the effects of different eye conditions
  • Discussion about the impact of sight loss on church life
  • An opportunity to practise guiding safely and to experience being guided
  • An opportunity to ask practical questions relevant to your church or group
  • The Sight Loss Friendly Workshop is available to any church which commits to becoming Sight Loss Friendly at no charge. Complete the contact form to book your session.

Clearer Vision booklet  

This booklet contains detailed information and guidance on how sight loss can affect church life.  The booklet covers aspects such as:

  • Barriers to inclusion
  • Room layouts
  • Guiding safely
  • Technology in churches
  • Resources for churches

This booklet is available to any church which commits to becoming Sight Loss Friendly at no charge.  Complete the contact form to receive your copy.   

Resources and materials

Torch produces accessible Christian literature (in large print, audio and braille) including bibles, bible notes, Alpha course notes for example.  

There is an extensive resource library which enables those who are blind or partially sighted to borrow items free of charge, alternatively our accessible literature can be purchased at the same price that one might pay for the original.  It is our vision that sight loss shouldn't be a barrier to Christian life.  

Sight Loss Friendly Church Network

Join our Sight Loss Friendly Church Network and talk to people in other churches.  Hear about their experiences of becoming more sight loss friendly and share ideas helping to ensure that everyone can enjoy church life. 

Also, receive regular updates about sight loss, professional guidance and expertise, real-life stories from individuals and churches to keep your church community up to date and involved in this exciting e-community.   Access our website for regularly updated information and guidance.  

To find out more about the Sight Loss Friendly Church Network, book your training or receive your copy of A Clearer Vision, fill out the contact form.  Or call us on 01858 438260