Blurred People
Is this how some of
your church see you?

What have other churches done to become more Sight Loss Friendly?

St Thomas Baptist Church in Exeter

Pastor Stephen Cousley said that it was people with sight loss attending their church that inspired them to contact Torch to ask the question: how best can we help?  Torch responded by visiting the church and working with the leadership team and volunteers to increase their awareness of sight loss.  A two-hour workshop included practical opportunities to experience church as a partially sighted or blind person, as well as discussion on how to welcome someone with sight loss to church. 

Following this expert training St Thomas Baptist Church bought a MegaVoice audio bible from Torch and accessible hymnbooks.  Practical sight loss friendly changes around the building - for example, re-whitening the edges of the front steps and making the text on the screen more readable have made a big difference to how others can enjoy church.   

The church also appointed a Sight Loss Champion to have a particular focus on welcoming those with sight loss to church, considering their needs and sharing Torch guidance and advice with others in the church community. 

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